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Girl Holding Lamb

Our Story

We founded the Honeysuckle Farm Shop to provide you with the finest grass-fed, outdoor-reared meat, produced sustainably and in harmony with nature. We care about traditional British farming which is why we work with small, family-run farms based within the UK that produce really wholesome, natural meat. We believe strongly that small-scale farming is better for the farmer, the animal, the local ecology, and for you, producing exceptionally tasting, ethically reared meat that you can trust completely.


We are what we eat!

Perversely, we would advocate that we all eat less meat, but when we do, we need to ensure it’s of the highest quality and is produced in a way that respects nature, the environment and the animal.

Eating meat from animals that themselves have only eaten a natural diet of grass, wildflowers, clovers and legumes, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and untainted by growth promoters and chemicals makes a whole lot of sense. It’s a healthy choice to make.